To inspire individuals and communities through creative projects that focus on the following areas:
- Healthy & Affordable Eating -
- Nature & the Environment -
- Innovation & Creativity -
GoGro CIC ensure creative and environmentally conscious initiatives help improve people's lives both individually and on a community level.
We help people from all backgrounds gain valuable experiences, knowledge and opportunities.

We are GoGro CIC and we utilise the power of wondrous food to help us achieve positive outcomes for individuals, families and within our broader communities. These are some of the things we do through food:

Empower with budget-friendly meals
Teach simple healthy, tasty recipes
Champion food sustainability, seasonality and locality
Show batch cooking, spice blends & ‘pro tips’ for flavour
Harness food's nostalgic and mindful properties
Ignite kids' passion for food through interactive cooking
Boost mental health
Feed those in need
From basics to Masterclasses, we deliver bespoke training for any level
Functions and events are our forte with creative, gourmet options available
If you want to join a course, work with us or help further develop our vision please get in touch
GoGro CIC is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company, based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and we have been operating since April 2022. Founded by Rob Hewis and Eamonn Hunt, we came together during the Covid pandemic because of the work we had both done to support local communities - we created GoGro CIC and quickly realised during our first project ‘Cook, Learn, Grow’, that teaching people how to cook did so much more than help them to with their cooking skills: it helped improve their independence, mental health, physical health; it helped to reduce social isolation and anxieties…we became determined to develop more creative food-based initiatives, and we are continuing to develop, you can see our projects past and present by clicking here!

We have been utilising grant funds to help us to deliver projects across Lincolnshire, click on our partners page to see some of the funders and organisations we have worked with so far. We are now using everything we have learned over the last couple of years to help us to develop new and exciting ways to fund the community work we do so if you want to keep abreast of what we’re doing follow us on social media or contact us directly!

Should you wish to work with us or help us further develop our vision please get in touch!

To improve outcomes by inspiring people to learn in creative and supportive environments.​​​​​​​
To ensure that food, friendship and the environment are central to everything we do.
To celebrate circular economies and locality.
To strive towards a business model of sustainability.
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