ECHO is a community volunteer group, who collect and share with those 'left out in the cold' either literally or figuratively, by todays economic reality.

GoGro CIC and ECHO have come together to create and distribute lovely nutritious food to those in need in Lincoln. 
By making delicious food for the homeless community, our students can give something back - it helps us all realise that, no matter what we are going through, we are able to help those who are suffering more than us. By making food for ECHO, we are able to alleviate the pressure somewhat which in turn helps them to focus on doing all of the other magnificent things they do - talking, listening, giving people donated clothes, dog food, blankets and so much more.
This is a relationship that we will continue to support, whether it is providing opportunities for our students to help ECHO or through direct volunteering, these truly amazing initiatives need to be supported in whatever way possible!
To find out more about ECHO (East Coast Homeless Outreach) click here
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