We collaborated with Lincolnshire County Council's Day Opportunities Team at Ancaster Day Centre to deliver our highly successful 'Cook, Learn, Grow' project and it just so happened that the end of our project tied in quite nicely to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!
Over the course of two days we created a lovely BBQ and high tea for Ancaster Day Centre staff and service users. We asked all of our students to come down and help out and eight people an independently to support the cause, to join the celebrations and to come together to say thanks to the staff and service users. 
It was a lovely couple of days of celebration and was a great send off to some of our students who have made such progress on a personal level. It was also an opportunity for us all to say thanks to the staff and day opportunity service users who have been so welcoming, warm, friendly and always ready to taste our creations!
At the end of the celebrations, the staff and service users all cheered for our students who had worked so hard and made the Jubilee extra special for everyone - it truly made our students feel that they had contributed to something worthwhile :)
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