We were incredibly happy to be able to offer this wonderful free seven week course at Bridge Community Hub on Newark Road, Lincoln.
We made some amazing dishes and pushed the boundaries as to what you can make in a slow cooker - stews, soups and casseroles were easy, then we moved on to lasagna, sticky toffee pudding and even lamb kebab!
Throughout the course, our engaged beneficiaries gained confidence in being able to experiment - this is one of the things we really wanted to get across, that you can swap and change recipes, add something new and be creative! We ate loads of vegetables and focussed on healthy and affordable meals (but we treated ourselves with lovely desserts too, because a homemade sticky toffee pudding is definitely good for your mental health, in moderation of course!). We referred attendees to the Lincoln Community Grocery Store where they can get great produce at a fraction of the supermarket prices and we spoke openly about where to buy affordable ingredients, the issues people were facing due to the increased cost of living and most importantly we all opened up to share stories, memories and mental health journeys.
Our favourite part of this course was when attendees started bringing in homemade meals, fruit and vegetables and treats for each other; this generosity and kindness grew throughout the course and helped to create a lovely friendship group. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed, you made the course thoroughly enjoyable and we hope you are still using the free slow cookers!
Thank you to our funder, Shine Lincolnshire who were so helpful and engaged throughout. 
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