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"These courses are incredible. Eamonn and Rob are tackling real issues and helping to grow such worthwhile skills.
It has made a huge difference with my confidence in the kitchen. I have joined the Flourish with Food course and gone from somebody who was super anxious to even make the phone call to ask to join, to someone who loves Thursdays coming around each week so I can get together with the gang again.
We have so much fun and you learn without realising. My chopping skills (whilst nowhere near perfect) are so much improved! There is encouragement and praise and the best part is being able to take your food home each week, knowing you don’t have to cook again and your family can enjoy what you’ve been working on.
We have made fresh pasta which became ravioli, lasagne, chicken and chorizo pie, an Indian feast with many dishes including mushroom pilau rice, chicken korma, Bombay potatoes and more. Last week was Spanish themed where we made tortilla, albondigas and chicken and prawn paella.
I cannot recommend this course more! If you’re wondering whether to join, do it- you’ll be so glad you did. It’s a fun and friendly environment with so many positives. Thanks Eamonn and Rob"
“We had the last of our sessions with GoGro CIC today. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience and one we didn’t want to end!
Today the residents enjoyed an afternoon tea with a lovely selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche, scones with jam & clotted cream, Victoria sponge cake, meringue nests filled with cream & strawberries and chocolate brownies. It was absolutely delicious and wonderful listening to the different conversations and memories that were triggered. Eamon & Rob, a huge thank you from all of us at Cloverleaf! You’re both brilliant with the residents and bring them all so much joy. We’re all so grateful.”
"This was a wonderful inclusive course, Rob’s ability to bring the group together meant within the first week we were sharing ideas, hints and tips like friends.
Learning to use a slow cooker, adapting old recipes and trying new ones was invaluable, sharing food brought closer connection, allowing honest and open discussion and conversation.
This added such a depth to the course, compassion to others situations, sharing of resources - recipes discovered, herbs from gardens, biscuits with mugs of tea.
Up and out the door early is not always easy especially in winter but this was an amazing boost to my mental health, meeting in a warm, safe space with friendly faces, laughter included.
I am continuing to use skills learnt from this course, slow cooker lives on the counter not tucked away and in use one to two ( if not more ) times a week and not just for stew - although the chicken stew from the course is still a firm favourite, we have also made kebab meat, rice pudding, chilli, chicken stock and cooked our Christmas ham in there.
I would highly recommend the course and the tutor.
Thank you."
"We just did a family learning training program at my daughters school about cooking on a budget and for a family. Conversations and recommendations shared at your course I shared again here. Thanks again. The slow cook remains a very firm fixture. Also as another parent shared a book 'bored of lunch' expanding our horizons - it's been a hit and we eat from the slow cook at least 3 times a week."
"To me what really struck me, outside of the learning element, was the sense of belonging.  This is something I have found that many of the people I work with do not often experience, unless it’s from a mental health focused opportunity, such as  a therapy group, which then means their sense of identity and routine tends to focus around being’ someone who has mental health difficulties’ and an inability to see themselves as people with rights, skills and varying roles. They often don’t experience a lot of fun in their lives either, which I absolutely have felt is a huge element of yours and Eamonn’s groups I’ve seen. There are so many different elements your groups can bring to individuals."
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